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Q007: What must be done in order to use Smalltalk legacy codes if they are not compatible with modern VM? Will everything have to be rewritten?

15 Years ago we have written large Smalltalk applications with a version of VisualWorks (ParcPlace was the name of the company back then) and IBM?s Visual Age. Both tools were great without any doubts.

As the time went on ParcPlace and IBM sold their product and the new releases become almost incompatible with our codebase. And then, and this was really worse, both Smalltalk products didn?t run on newer operating systems (we have used Linux and Windows NT).

We have rewritten the Code, in C. Since then not only have we got a performance plus of one order of magnitude, no, portability to some useful extend is granted. Our oldest, still used, C project were built about 20 years ago and still compiles today.