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Q009: Do programmers judge each other by their primary language chosen?

I want to give a different view here to point out that every programming language is a foo and so the question become senseless.

Most of the programming languages are trying to be universal. So they should mostly be equal. On the other side, as you might expect, every programming language has some specific topic in mind. So they are very good at this specific topic and mostly good in the other stuff.

The problem now is that every problem I had encounter was different. And no programming language I know (there are a dozen or so) meets the requirements well. What I find annoying it that most of the time the syntax of the programming languages took to much attention - I want to solve the real problem, not the problem given by the programming language.

So I have decided to choose a programmable programming language, build a small DSL for that problem domain and solve that problem in terms of the new DSL. At the beginning It slows the process down but in the end: less bugs, less code, easy maintenance, ..