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Q021: What's the best age to teach children programming, and what's a good first programming language for them?

The following text is from Bernd Paysan

?There have been successful attepts to learn Forth to childrens who have learning difficulties. These childs have shown that they can use Forth. They even use Forth in a professional manner, i.e. they write short words which do one thing right, and without any comments except stack effect and word name. It might take them longer than a Forth professional to find solutions, and they might not find as clever solutions, but they find solutions, and some are quite interesting. This leads to a quite different conclusion:

Forth is just different. Many people who know other languages say that Forth does everything upside down. The childrens mentioned above have difficulties with math - they choose the Forth course only if they are assured that they don't have to do much math in it. That also means that they probably never were good at infix notation, or that they know that by heart. They also haven't seen any other programming language. For them, Forth's way to do things is the only way they know.?