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Q033: What is it like to be a C programmer?

I like C very much. C is simple and straightforward. You get the felling what the processor has to do. If the work for the processor is getting hard than this will be for the programmer either. This is an immediate feedback you get. No hidden complexity. So, as a C programmer, one have to think a lot more about the design of the solution. And in all my experiences, the solution becomes simpler and simpler which means the C code becomes smaller and so the CPU load. Memory management, garbage collection, race conditions, etc. these all is getting eliminated at design time. C is not bound to embedded hardware, I never did. Nowadays most of my applications are in the area of insurance and banking (Unix and Web)

The reward you get is the face of your customer. ?1 minute instead of 30 days - awesome !?. This, at least for my customers, mean the end of oracle as a primary database.